"Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat."
- Sun Tzu 490 BC China

A Strategy is the direction and configuration of an organisation to succeed over the long-term, through effective deployment of resources to achieve advantages in a challenging environment in order to meet the needs of markets and the expectations of the stakeholders.

No strategy is ever the same, nor should it be.  In a world where a company's offerings may not be too different from its competitors, it is the strategy which will set it apart.

The efficiency of good strategy: simple processes and systems, can often bring a company better returns than a 20% increase in production.

Having worked with and for established multinationals, small start ups, multi billion dollar private enterprises, not for profits, some of the country's fastest growing businesses, even companies with exceptional offerings incumbered by confused management, LOCKE pty ltd understands that good strategy balances the reality of constraint with the vision of opportunity.  

Importantly LOCKE pty ltd develops and implements successful strategy evolved from the mud of the market rather than the gilded towers of head office.  Ensuring that it is based on real market economics, robust enough to empower the teams which implement it without harming a business' margin or brand integrity - steadily growing the business and its return through all conditions.

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Note: LOCKE pty ltd is accomplished at all elements of this model, and is yet to employ every step with any one company. Speed to market, nimble tactics, ease of implementation and unique positions are far more powerful than a perfect plan.