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Our successes include:

  • 80% unprompted brand recognition from zero in four years.


  • Revision of brand and product portfolio to obtain 4% growth in billion dollar industry ($40M) over 3 years, achieving 38% value share of total market, while continually increasing profit margin in depressed market against aggressive competitor activity.


  • Winning the inaugural 2009 Award for Excellence in Sustainable Design in Standards Australia's Australian International Design Awards
    "The collection demonstrates a sophisticated approach to design for sustainability. It shows how you can successfully combine good design with environmental performance and how design can effectively address functionality, aesthetic quality and affordability in a product that potentially has a significant environmental impact."
    - John Gertsakis, Senior Sustainability Consultant at WSP Environmental


  • Development of integrated marketing communications strategies which doubled business growth year on year and increased market value share by 40% in less than five years.


  • Successfully increasing market volume share whilst maintaining retail price position.


  • Driving an intensive program to ensure substantial product differentiation was achieved between three brands cumulating in the launch of three completely new ranges during the year (each growing market share and increasing margin on previous offering).


  • Winning the Electrical Retailer Awards for Refrigeration Brand of the Year 2008 & 09 - in recognition of the improvements to design, profitability, promotion and growth to the industry provided by the brand.


  • Winning the national industry award for most successful product launch.


  • Transforming the company's media profile from one unrecognised to one that obtained millions of dollars of unpaid media coverage (averaging one article per day) within four years (950% more coverage than its closest competitor).


  • Growing category EBIT by 6% in three years- highest for the business ever (the most profitable business in category for the group globally).


  • Managing internal and external sales and marketing teams to exceed annual targets.


  • Orchestrating successful major rebranding initiatives while holding overall market share and growing profit margins.


  • Creating and implementing two completely new brand extensions, moving the directors and company into new territory, unassailable by competitors and more aligned with the brand's personality.


  • Orchestration, development and roll-out of educational programs to secondary and tertiary bodies, seeing the brand become a case study on most major exam papers; positively interacting with a large number of future customers; and providing true, significant value to students & teachers alike.


  • Project Managing up to 10 external management teams and coordinating diverse groups (including over 300 of Australia's key business people and celebrities during the lead-up to the 1999 referendum).


  • Being awarded Australia's 'Most Trusted Appliance Brand 2009'.


  • Developing consumer insight driven marketing strategies, collateral, and events for four new ranges released across a single year (collateral recognised by the group as international benchmark).


  • Developing and managing integrated brand specific activities and relationships to ensure people truly and effectively connect with the brand (increasing respect for the brand by upwards of 70% in one year).


  • Reviewing and revising collateral development and usage, bringing significant savings to the organisation, while assuring the develop of more powerful communication tools.


  • Launching a new brand achieved 5% market share (volume & value) within first three months of release.


  • Designing and implementing an integrated marketing campaign, incorporating web redesign, direct mail, advertising and SEO to achieve an astounding 10.2% online conversion rate from cold leads.

  • Successfully launching new products into the South East Asian market place, increasing over-all market share without harming sales of existing ranges.


  • Creating and launching a completely new business into sustainability sector in less than 1.5 months. Seeing the company take its first orders within six weeks from ideation phase.


  • Redesigning and repositioning a successful European energy management business to function in the Australian market.


  • Designing and managing events, from intimate briefings to national public launches of +20K people.


  • Seeing many campaigns, systems, or collateral developed for businesses locally being implemented globally by parent or partner companies.


  • Three day (conception to completion), state wide media campaign achieving +5.5mill consumer interactions (print, radio, online).


  • Design and build independent business units within an organisation to sextuple turn over.


  • Ensuring that to date campaigns and strategies have been completed within time frames and budgets and achieved return on investment.


To achieve such success Michael has developed a network of highly skilled specialists locally and abroad, all of whom partner with LOCKE pty ltd as and when required - one contact 1000 options.