"Design is not just about how something looks, but how it works. I don't see a difference between a designer and an engineer, and I don't want to see a difference. A designer should be both."
- James Dyson, Dyson, UK

Experienced in developing and delivering market driving products and brands that change our lives forever, LOCKE pty ltd knows the importance of true innovation and design.

LOCKE pty ltd also knows how difficult it can be to bring a new idea to the market or make an intangible benefit a compelling proposition. 

LOCKE pty ltd is skilled at translating technical features into true consumer benefits that are inspiring, desirable, relevant, and sell.



Note: UK Design Council report states its creative industry sector is now growing @ 5% pa, 2% ahead of the general economy. 
Every £100 a design alert business spends on designincreases turnover by £225.
Shares in design-led businesses outperform key stock market indices by 200%